Individual Counseling and Workshops

Counseling for Adolescents,  Young Adults and Women

It is truly a big step in your life to decide to take care of  your mental health.  We can all agree that eating healthy and exercise are important to help to ensure that you are healthy and it can extend your quality of life.  Our mental health is just as important.  Counseling gives you the support that you need and is safe and empathetic.  It is essential that you have a relationship with your counselor where you not only feel comfortable but you are with someone that you trust.  We also provide faith based counseling.  If that is something that interest you, please indicate that on the contact form.  

 Individual counseling sessions are confidential.  Your information will only be disclosed if you give us consent by completing documentation or by legal or ethical jurisdiction.  In addition, if the client discloses that they may seriously harm themselves or someone has been harming them and other resources must become involved.  We will discuss confidentiality in more detail within the first session.  In order to ensure that the client develops the skills needed to be successful outside of the counseling sessions- it is common within the counseling relationship that they are weekly or biweekly sessions for six weeks and then they will continue as needed.  

Dunn-Kirkland Counseling & Consulting Services are for adolescents and adults-age 11 and up.  We provide counseling for the following topics:

 Individual Counseling Rates

Individual Counseling sessions last for 50 minutes and the cost of each session will be discussed and decided during the initial consultation.  However, your initial intake appointment may be 65 minutes in order for us to review the intake documentation and to build a rapport and to ensure that the counselor understands what the sessions will look like and what we will be focusing on.  There is a sliding scale that will be determined via case by case bases.  

Dunn-Kirkland Counseling & Consulting Services does not take insurance at this time; however we offer a sliding scale fee to a select number of clients based on their financial need.  The full payment for the service render is due at the time of service and payment will be collected at the end of the session.  You are able to pay via debit or credit card.  There will be a fee of $35 for payments returned due to insufficient funds.   

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session; please due so prior to 24 business hours.  If you fail to do so you will be charged for the full session.  We do realize that emergencies do occur and that will be determined via case by case. 

Consulting Services

 Dunn-Kirkland Counseling & Consulting Services offers workshops on a variety of topics:

The consultation workshops assist organizations in learning new strategies on how to work through obstacles and to increase the moral of individuals and positively impact the climate and culture of the organization. 

 Consultation Rates

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will develop a plan that best suits your business and we will discuss a rate that best fits your company or organizations needs and time.