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Choosing a counselor that fits your needs is the first step in ensuring that your tomorrow is better than your today.  Dunn-Kirkland Counseling and Consulting Services is here to meet the needs of adolescents and adults as they navigate the trials of life. Many times we are inundated with circumstances that may cause us to doubt ourselves and the relationships that are important to us. It is truly a big step in your life to decide to take care of your mental health.  What better time to start taking care of you and or your adolescent than right now?  

Specialties (but not limited to):

Therapeutic  Approaches:

Dunn-Kirkland Counseling & Consulting Services gives clients one-on-one sessions via Telehealth  and/or Walk and Talk therapy and/or in person-whichever the client prefers.  This allows the client to continue their lives and receive counseling with someone who is objective as well as supportive.  

Adolescent Counseling

Teenagers have to deal with acceptances from both peers and family members, academic success, transitioning to new chapters of life whether it is school and or activities.  In addition, they have stress that accompanies social media, peer pressure concerning drugs and alcohol as well as whether or not to participate in various forms of sexual activity.  As a result of these pressures, they may be depressed and struggle with anxiety due to all that surrounds them.  The behaviors of adolescents may leave parents feeling as if they have failed their child and they may not recognize the child they are raising.

It is important that the adolescents have someone that they can trust who is able to have a different perspective and who can help them to help themselves by using various interventions and strategies that will help them to gain the confidence needed to enter the world of adulthood successfully.  In addition, parents may need someone who is able to not only help them to communicate with their adolescent but give them strategies as well that will help them to communicate as they learn how to support their adolescent.  

Young Adult Counseling Services

Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and like no one understands you?  You are like a hamster on a wheel that keeps going but you are remaining stagnate.  Perhaps you are entering a new phase of life or you are doing the same thing that you have been doing for years and you are not where you thought you would be?  Maybe you feel unprepared to handle the current challenges you face and you are dreading facing new ones.  You have spoken with you family and friends but they are unable to assist.  What should you do?

We are here to help you meet your needs by utilizing our expertise and various counseling strategies to give you support that is personalized to meet your needs in person or via telehealth.

Premarital Counseling

There are times in a relationship when you realize that the conversations do not come as easy as they did in the past.  You may feel lonely; they don't understand you; you aren't seen in the relationship; etc. due to lack of communication and affection.  The children and their activities have taken over what used to be your time together.  You find that you do not know each other anymore.  Years have passed and you do not recognize the person that you married.  You have resentment over things you have not addressed or you are angry and you do not know how to tell them.  Perhaps you are thinking of a divorce but you are hesitant because of the children and or the current state of your finances.  Did you tell them that you forgave the affair but you really thing about it everyday?  How could they let someone else into your marriage? You want to trust them but you don't know how to.

Let us help you navigate those waters.  Relationships are difficult and often times we need someone to help us communicate what we may not know how to say.  We are able to provide a safe environment whether in the office or via telehealth that allows you to see each other's perspectives and work to establish the trust that has been broken. 

Consultation Services

We also offer training and workshops on a variety of mental health topics for businesses, healthcare professionals, schools, churches, camps etc.  More information regarding the additional services that we offer will be found within the services tab.  

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 About Your Counselor

Susan C. Kirkland, M. Ed, ALC

I received a Bachelors of Science in English and Masters in School Counseling.   I have been a School Counselor for nine years and prior to that I taught English for six years.  I wanted to pursue private practice because I wanted to reach adolescents and adults and devote time that was intentional in navigating issues that have plagued clients.   I am devoted to building relationships with clients that are based on trust.  

I am currently accepting new clients.  I specialize with working with pre-teens, adolescents, and young adults.  However, I will see anyone who is willing to do the work to change the trajectory of their life.   I am passionate about what I do and I am willing to help you do the work.  You deserve to be supported and I am here to support YOU wherever you need it.  

I am an Associate Licensed Counselor-ALC-04396 under the supervision of Aisha Holmes Thorn, MA, LPC-S, NCC.  Mrs. Thorn will review and consult in a supervisory capacity.  The professional relationship is bound by the same confidentiality that will exist between myself and clients.  If you have any questions regarding my practice you may contact via email at thorn.counseling@icloud.com.